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Paintbrush Diplomacy • San Francisco, California, United States + International • https://paintbrushdiplomacy.org

Paintbrush Diplomacy uses art to connect people and understand cultures different from our own.

Paintbrush Diplomacy is a small international arts nonprofit organization. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we organize art and culture exchanges between artists and classrooms all over the world. We believe that by interacting on a personal level with people from other cultures, students will gain an international perspective and take steps toward becoming empathetic global citizens. We work around the world to connect teachers, artists, classrooms, and students to each other - using art and the process of making art to start meaningful conversations. In addition to our International Art Exchange Program, we also host a rich collection of international children’s art that includes over 2,000 artworks from more than 100 different countries. These artworks are exhibited in community exhibitions and as a free educational resource via our Online Teaching Museum.