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Poetic Text

We live in suburbs of cities that don't exist. We live in ghost towns where everything is now enervated; in which the double has replaced the truth.
Perhaps, not even the sense of community survives anymore. Cemetery cities from which only the remains of an exploded civilization.
We are inside an eco-system of finite biologies.
Re-found objects
Traced objects
Re-placed objects Re-distributed objects
bundles of representations and imaginaries of new economies of new needs of new pains.
We are not meant to be in the world! Who will take care of the eco-system of being living - defined - more complex, in this system of complexity now dead or dying?
and reshape the geographies of our present layered and slipping.
We look in the mirrors of empty houses from falling windows in torn kits in buried jewels in the spooky closets in the uprooted foundations in the buzz of coal with torn cotton wool to start again.
The world is a huge repository. We live in a sort of large, full warehouse of more or less cutting-edge products, more or less obsolete.
We live in goods that are out of date or ready to be. We wander hopelessly into hypermarkets stores outlet between obsolescence and putrid materials in search of the goods at the most expensive price. With an eye we smile at turbo capitalism and with the other we place the tear on the defeat Human.


POETIC TEXT: 10 marzo 2020, printed paper, variable size

In June 2019, Sergio Racanati won the prize for internationalization curated by the Apulian Public Theater and Puglia Region with which he presented DARKNESS at the Biennale of Curitibia (Brazil), Galleria Crudo in Citta di Rosario (Argentina) and F. Ferrer Gallery of San Jose (Costa Rica).

No borders, Curitba Biennial (Curitba, Brazil), 2019
New York Biennial, directed by Pietro Franesi and co-curated by Vjitaly Patsyukov and Lu Hao (New York, NY), 2013
Errors Allowed, Mediterranean Biennial, Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona, Italy), 2013
7th Berlin Biennal, within the "Preoccupied" project, KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin, Germany), 2013
Bienal del Fin del Mundo (Mar del Plata, Argentina), 2013