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Stormy Conditions
Collemacchia, in Italy’s Abruzzo National Park

Cool dawn air, a compress for last night’s rough
dreams, grinding teeth.

From the ledge I tip into
thick-laden treetops dropping fruits into the ravine.

A twig snaps forty feet below. One stiff brown leaf
evolves into a cocked ear.

A timid doe nibbles slowly,  
as if her mouth is full of cherries or lush mulberries.

Or loose teeth. A ring of apricots circles the doe’s
skittish hooves. Can she 

hear my labored breathing?
Maybe not, over her grinding jaw. A cross current

wind at my shoulder should carry my sweaty scent. 
The doe leans in, spellbound,

mid-chew. Is the dark blotch 
hanging from her lip a fig? Leafy ears are cocked for

the slightest sound, soulful brown discs pleading.
For what? Ever so slowly

she tilts her head, exposing
a long throat I want to protect. Is that a wild pig 

rumbling through shrub? I start, spilling filched fruit
into the ravine. My baggie

lightens, lifts, drifts, a wee
parachute cratering out of view. The boar waddles

off in pursuit of bagged wind.

Stormy Conditions s
Margo Davis • Texas, USA

STORMY CONDITIONS: This poem was written in 2019 as I enjoyed a writing residency at Museum of Loss and Renewal in Abruzzo National Park, Italy. 

Twice nominated for a Pushcard, Margo Davis’ poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies over the years, including The Ekphrastic Review, Cordella, Snapdragon, The Persimmon Tree, What Rough Beast, Misfit, The Fourth River and The Houston Chronicle.

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