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Synonymes Visuels
Antoine Abi Aad • Lebanon

SYNONYMES VISUELS is poster for Synonymes Visuels, or visual synonyms, a group exhibition of sixty students’ works from the Lebanese University, turning calligraphic masterpieces into typographic artworks.

Antoine Abi Aad is a graphic designer and Head of Department, Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Lebanese University. 

Visual Synonyms, KF Gallery (Seoul, Korea), 2017
Chocolat aux Cèdres, ALBA (Beirut, Lebanon), 2011
Ostrale 011 (Dresden, Germany), 2011
Japanese, Latin and Arabic visual pun, Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków (Warsaw, Poland), 2011
Conexão Líbano-Brasil de Tipografia, Universidade de Brasili, (Brasilia, Brazil), 2010