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The Wingless Giants

didn´t used to be giant,
They used to have wings.

Beings like us
Who wanted more than they needed,
More than their share of things.

She tried to speak to them
so they forgot how to listen,
their wings were taken away.

They made their own wings
Silver birds that howl,
Screaming scars across her sky.

Stealing blood
from deep under her skin,
to power their Unnatural wings.

They were banished.
They made their own kingdom.
The silver forests,
Hives of mirror,
The wingless giants.


The Wingless Giants
David Tann • Norway www.undercovertheatrecompany.com

THE WINGLESS GIANTS: “How the world came to bee.”

David Tann is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative producer of visual and aural storytelling; founder of Undercover Theatre Company, artist in Schouskollektivet.

I didn’t know that about you, Show Box, Det Andre Teatret (Oslo, Norway), 2019
Happening / Variations of Beckett, Oslo Kunstkademi (Oslo, Norway), 2019
Last Hive, Prague Fringe Festival, Divaldo Inspirace (Prague, Czech Republic), 2019
Undercover Refugee, ISFIT Festival, Studentersamfundet (Trondheim, Norway) 2019
Last Hive, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Zoo Southside (Edinburgh, UK) 2018