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Dragon Dance
Veron Sung • Malaysia/Hong Kong  https://veronsung.wixsite.com/veronsung 

DRAGON DANCE is a 3D sculpture created by 2D photo layers – a photo relief of a Dragon Dance, a performance, traditionally performed in Chinese cultural celebrations.

Veron Sung is a cross-disciplinary photo-based artist, who works with the upcycled photo kaleidoscope Vcyclescope, Fotomo and hand-colored photos within a cultural heritage context.

VERON SUNG Photomedia Art Exhibition, Santai Gallery (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 2019
Fine Arts Asia, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Hong Kong), 2018
Vcyclescope, Pier-2 Art Centre (Kaohsiung, Taiwan), 2017
Hong Kong lentremontagnes et mer, Le Grizzli Vert (Lectoure, France), 2016
UABB Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shekou (Shenzhen, China), 2015