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Mando in Time
Esther Siegel • California, USA  http://www.harmonygaits.com/

MANDO IN TIME: This feminine assemblage sculpture complete with clocks and vintage musical instruments creates a witty character that presents a unique melody.

Esther Siegel's found art sculptures are mixtures of whimsical and dark humor going through many variations before settling on the finished piece.

In Your Dreams, Marin Society of Artists (Marin, California, USA) 2016
Wonder and Whimsey, Santa Rosa Art Center (Santa Rosa, California, USA), 2018
Altered Book Exhibition, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (Marin, California, USA), 2019 and 2020
In the Construction Zone, Grace Hudson Museum (Ukiah, California, USA), 2016
Seven Kinds of Wonderful, Willits Center for the Arts (Willits, California, USA) 2017