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Contemplation at Night
Chun Lee Wang Gurt •  Sweden https://www.facebook.com/chunleewanggurt/

CONTEMPLATION AT NIGHT:  A lonely rat on a table sees himself and wonders about life.

Born in China, Chun Lee Wang Gurt now lives in Sweden; her art spans a variety of media, constantly changing and developing and dealing with our relation to nature and ourselves.

• Chun Lee Wang Gurt: New Works, Konstnärshuset (Stockholm, Sweden), 2020
• Chun Lee Wang Gurt: Undefined Territories, Borlänge Modern (Borlänge, Sweden) 2017
• Chun Lee Wang Gurt: Seven Nights a Week, Tegen2 (Stockholm, Sweden) 2015
• Chun Lee Wang Gurt: Dawn, Litografiska Museet (Huddinge, Sweden) 2014
Chun Lee Wang Gurt: Foretales, CAFA Art Museum (Beijing, China), 2013