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Mediterranean Whales
Ariadna Abadal Lloret • Spain https://ariadnaabadal.wordpress.com/

MEDITERRANEAN WHALES is part of Ariadna Abadal’s Mokulito series, large scale lithography on wood, manually printed onto Japanese Paper or onto hand dyed fabric.

Adriana Abadal is a keen researcher into new printmaking techniques, exploring non-toxic printmaking, monotypes and innovative alternative printmaking processes.

• Mediterranean Whales, Art Print Residence, Arenys de Munt (Barcelona, Spain), 2018
Whales performance, Riera de Sobirans, Arenys de Munt (Barcelona, Spain), 2019
Whales prints on display, Sant Jeroni de la Murtra (Badalona, Spain), 2019
Whales over the ocean, Tadoussac (Québec, Canada), 2019
Whale courtain, Plaça del Casino, Arenys de Mar (Barcelona, Spain), 2019