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Travelogue of Dreams from the Eternal to Eternity
Pushpakaran Kadappath • India  www.kadappath.com

TRAVELOGUE OF DREAMS FROM THE ETERNAL TO ETERNITY: Dreams are the confluence of thoughts that are moving into infinity and the coming together of unrealized metaphors.

Born into a family of ritualistic practices, dark colors and oracles, abundance of folklore and mythological literature in Thrissur, Pushpakaran Kadappath visualizes his dreams as well as myths and history to create a magical world of hallucinations in his works.

EIA 2019-20 National art exhibition, JOYESS Art Gallery (Hyderabad, India), 2020
A New Beginning, The Art (Chennai, India), 2018
• Pushpakaran Kadappath: Tales, Real and Unreal, David Hall Art Gallery (Fort Kochi, India), 2017
1st National Exhibition of Art, Karnataka Lalitha Kala Academy, at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (Bengaluru, India), 2017
International Mail Art Salon (Texas, USA), 2014