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Gantavya (Destination)
Raju GC • Germany www.rajugc.com

GANTAVYA (DESTINATION): The artist poesy book, circulated through post, comprises of migratory experiences of Nepalese migrant returnees manifested through images and poems.

Raju’s explores themes of mobility and migration through interdisciplinary micro-narrative explorations, focusing on Nepalese labor migrant returnees.  

Raju GC, Gantavya (Destination), Artist Poesy Book, MANTIK:BERLIN (Berlin, Germany), 2020
Raju GC, Shramik ka Kathaa (Labourer’s Stories) (Patan, Nepal), 2018
A Monument for the first Homosexual Emancipation Movement, House of World Cultures (HKW) (Berlin, Germany), 2015
Untersuchungen von Orten in Form von Situationen, Ballhaus Nordpark (Düsseldorf, Germany), 2012
Resemble Reassemble, Devi Art Foundation (New Delhi, India), 2010