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Sumi Wind
Carol Van Zandt • California, USA • carolvanzandt.com

SUMI WIND is 16” x 16”, sumi ink and pigment on paper.

Carol Van Zandt is an artist and designer whose current mediums include modern improvisational quilting and abstract painting.

East Bay Modern Quilters, Piedmont Center of the Arts (Piedmont, California, USA), 2017
Amish Muse, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles (San Jose, California, USA), 2015
•Omote/Ura, 2223 Market Street (San Francisco, California, USA), 2009
•Between the Lines: The Big Brush Sessions, Wendels (Taipei, Taiwan), 2006
•Impluse, Fujimamas, Omotesando (Tokyo, Japan), 2005