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Site-Specific, Interior Installations

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Roadside Picnic in Taipei
Tamaki Hosobuchi • Japan  http://www.tamaph.com

ROADSIDE PICNIC IN TAIPEI: I created a large camera obscura (pinhole camera) within one unit of the building of the Qilou (Taiwanese historical arcade structure).

Tamaki Hosobuchi implements photography as a metaphor of "viewing", exploring the outstanding relationship between society and individuals.

•  Roadside Picnic in Taipei, Taipei Artist Village + Bopiliao Historic Block (Taipei, Taiwan), 2020
•  Roadside Picnic in Yokohama, BankART Station (Yokohama, Japan), 2019
• Photopia Scotopia-Tokyo GENZOU Vol.4, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo (Tokyo, Japan), 2018
•  Summer Syrup, Arts and Syrup (Yokohama, Japan), 2018
Kachofugetsu: Flower Bird Wind Moon, Arena 1 Gallery (Los Angeles, California, USA), 2015