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Site-Specific, Interior Installations

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Studio # 21 Yang Shu
Elisabeth Grübl • Austria  elisabeth@gruebl.org

STUDIO #21 YANG SHU: All the objects, including 'art materials and furniture' are from the studio space of the artist, formed into a sculptural cube.

Elisabeth Grübl works encompass in and outdoor installations, video, laser and sound works, interactive installations, photography and objects.

Discrete Austrian Secrets, The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art (Chongqing, China), 2019
In Situ, Kunst und Leben jenseits des Zentrums, CCI Fabrika (Moscow, Russia), 2019
A Passenger, Salzburger Kunstverein (Salzburg, Austria), 2018
Die neunziger Jahre, mobile Kunst im mobilen Markt, Wien Museum MUSA (Vienna, Austria), 2018
Naked, > RAUMSTATION (Vienna, Austria), 2018