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Site-Specific, Interior Installations

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The Wildebeest and the swarm of African Migratory Locus
Hannelie Coetzee • South Africa  www.hanneliecoetzee.com

THE WILDEBEEST AND THE SWARM OF AFRICAN MIGRATORY LOCUS is a succession study of humanity’s relationship with nature by exploring how we can become ‘earthbound’, in the vision of Bruno Latour.

Hannelie Coetzee is a Johannesburg-based visual artist who believes her transparent practice grows an audience that appreciates art whilst contributing to environmental adaptation.

Johannesburg Art Fair Solo Project Synanthrope Series l (Johannesburg, South Africa), 2017
Watershed Origins (Johannesburg, South Africa), 2018
Klipkoppe 2, Fyn Arts sculpture exhibition (Hermanus, South Africa), 2017-2018
A place in time, Nirox Sculpture Park (Krugersdorp, South Africa), 2016
Barriers, Wanas Sculpture Park (Knislinge, Sweden), 2016