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Site-Specific, Interior Installations

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Schwarm – Swarm
Ulli Böhmelmann • Germany www.ulli-boehmelmann.de

SCHWARM – SWARM: 5,000 beveled glass spheres form a large sphere of crystalline structures and amorphous parts, depending on your point of view. (The sphere is 300cm/10ft in diameter.)

Since 1998, Ulli Böhmelmann’s work has focused on site-specific installations, which have been exhibited widely, including in Europe, the United States and Russia.

Ulli Boehmelmann: Blätter – Leaves, Museum Schloss Fuerstenberg (Fuerstenberg, Germany), 2019
Ulli Boehmelmann: Ruach – Lebensatem, Air Museum (Amberg, Germany), 2019
Ulli Boehmelmann: Schwarm – Swarm, KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen
(Frankfurt/Main, Germany), 2018
Ulli Boehmelmann: Akkumulation, Kunstturm Muecke (Muecke, Germany), 2017
Ulli Boehmelmann: ein-ueber-rueck-aus-blick, Eichenmuellerhaus (Lemgo,
Germany), 2017