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Site-Specific, Interior Installations

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Empty Room
Clive Wakeford • United Kingdom  www.clivewakeford.co.uk

EMPTY ROOM: Exhibited in empty galleries, offices, rooms it explores the concepts of creativity and destruction and beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

Clive Wakeford believes that creativity is essential to wellbeing; he creates unique artworks in a wide range of mediums.

FRED, Art Invasion across Cumbria (Keswick, UK), 2007
Why?, Wat Tyler Sculpture Park (Basildon, UK ), 2006
50 over 50, University of Brighton Gallery (Brighton, UK), 2006
Landmarks III, European Environmental Art, Lowood Gallery (Melmerby, UK), 2006
Painters of the 21st Century, Orleans Gallery (London, UK), 2003