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Site-Specific, Interior Installations

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Peeling Practice 
YuHsin WuTaiwan  https://www.yuhsinwu.com

PEELING PRACTICE: Constantly in a flux state of migrating, transforming in every new place, with every entry peeling off a layer.

By creating a sense of vulnerability, YuHsin Wu shows the strength of new opportunities.

Amphibious, Comfort Station (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 2019
Transform, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts (Portland, Oregon, USA), 2018
ASYAAF, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul, South Korea), 2017
Laguna Art Prize, Nappe of the Arsenale (Venice, Italy), 2015
Struggle + Strength Exhibition, Tacoma Art Museum (Tacoma, Washington, USA), 2015