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The Universe’s Strings and the Bless Water, Mona-Lisa-the Dark Side of the Moon
Guillermo Lorente Pérez • New York, USA www.instagram.com/lorente53

MONA-LISA-THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is one of Guillermo Lorente Pérez’s The Universe’s Strings and the Bless Water series of paintings based on string theory concepts and the fundamental questions of Human being. 

Guillermo Lorente Pérez is Cuban-Swedish-American artist-painter and draftsman, living in New York City.

Supreme, Local (New York, NY), 2017
Identity and the Accumulation of Memory, Boricua College (New York, NY), 2013
Art Fair Taiwan, New York-Taiwan (New York, NY), 2012
Latino American Art Biennale (Bronx, New York, USA), 2010
Paintings by Guillermo Lorente Pérez, the Durst Organization, (New York, NY), 2006