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What do U Really Need 2day?
Leidi Haaijer • The Netherlands. leidihaaijer.nl/question.html

WHAT DO U REALLY NEED 2DAY?: According to the artist, “This screen is part of an animation and contains an introspective question to trigger reset & transition thoughts and opportunities.”

For Leidi Haaijer, “Art & life, including me, are connected inextricably, they cannot be separated without losing their essential form, meaning or actual coherence.”

What do U Really Need 2day?, Circle Foundation of the Arts, https://circle-arts.com/artistofthemonth-announced/, online page, 2020
• Pliable Product-derivative#7 & PVC, Copernikkel 324 ('s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands), 2017
BoschBouwBrood, city-agriculture related project ('s-Hertogenbosch-North-East, The Netherlands), 2013
Pliable Product-derivatieve#6, WillemII-fabriek ('s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands), 2011
Snap to Grid 2010, Lacda, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Los Angeles, California, USA), 2010