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Dreams of Ten Nights: First Night, White Cats and White Horses
Ho Ming-Kuei • Taiwan homingkuei.blogspot.tw

DREAMS OF TEN NIGHTS: FIRST NIGHT, WHITE CATS AND WHITE HORSES: The air is tranquil and full of wonder as much as if in the artist’s dream of two white cats, seated on two white horses slowly striding forward.

Living and working in Taiwan, Ho Ming-Kuei’s works revolve around the subject of “recreating spaces,” with multimedia to display an imaginative space of illusory.

Sharing Perceptions, Fotoaura institute of photography/ Akademie Graz (Tainan, Taiwan / Graz, Austria), 2019
Tropical Cyclone, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei, Taiwan), 2017
Dreamlover, Absolute Art Space (Tainan, Taiwan), 2016
Art and City in Yokohama and Taipei, BankART NYK (Yokohama, Japan), 2015
As Dream, As Illusion, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei, Taiwan), 2014.