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This too shall pass
Siddhanta Pudasaini • Nepal

THIS TOO SHALL PASS: An optimistic message to all the people around the world to stay positive, united and fight against this pandemic.

Siddhanta Pudasaini is a visual communication designer and researcher whose works seek to problematise the traditional notion of design and its scope.

Alphabet of Violence and Resistance, Panos South Asia (Nepal), 2020
Myth of Sanctification: Politics, Aesthetics and Nationalist Dominion, NexUs Culture Nepal (Nepal, 2019)
52 artists 52 actions, Art Space (Sydney, Australia), 2019
Magic in Prosaic, Beaconhouse National University (Lahore, Pakistan), 2018
India : An Experiential event, Sirjana College of Fine Arts, (Kathmandu, Nepal), 2013