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Cutting Lemons - Borgo Vecchio
Noel Emilia Gazzano • Italy  www.noelgazzano.com

CUTTING LEMONS – BORGO VECCHIO: A sprouted lemon seed found at a street food vendor in Palermo's roughest neighborhood stirs a debate on the poetic and cynical dimensions of life.

Dr. Gazzano is an artist and anthropology PhD whose works defend the rights of all living creatures via sociocultural change, sensitivity and kindness.

Noel Gazzano: Arianna Reloaded, Girolamo Rossi Museum (Ventimiglia, Italy), 2019
Nuvola Creativa, L'Insopportabile Contraddizione – The Unbearable Contraduction, MACRO - Museo di Arte Contemporanea Roma (Rome, Italy), 2017
Noel Gazzano: Everyone's Dress, Farm Culture Park (Favara, Italy), 2017
Noel Gazzano: Ineffabile Profondo, Palazzo Vettori Kent State University (Florence, Italy), 2016
Noel Gazzano: Hope and Certainty, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Europe (Florence, Italy), 2013