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NAF • Germany  http://www.naf.space

392: NAF has invented an electronic instrument that is six meters long, has 392 keys and takes several people to actually play it – it stands for a common, collective way of working.

Fender Schrade and Nana Huelsweig made up NAF, an award-winning performance art troupe with artists from various backgrounds who, since 2013, have developed artwork for stage, gallery and public space.

•  Die Werkstatt, Theater Rampe (Stuttgart, Germany), 2019/2020
•  Norm is F!ktion #4, Public Space (Stuttgart, Germany), 2018
• Norm is F!ktion #2, Theater Rampe (Stuttgart, Germany), 2017
• Nana Not Alone, Sophiensaele (Berlin, Germany), 2016
• Travesty for Advanced Performers, Norm ist F!ktion #1, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (Leipzig, Germany), 2015