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The Fable Files
Alma Tischlerwood • United Kingdom https://cargocollective.com/almatisch/about

The FABLE FILES project invites you to choose your favorite "virus-related" proverb, upload it to Instagram #thefablefiles and then invite the next artist to do the same. (Instructions available at http://southlondonmuseum.com/art/ )

Alma Tischlerwood is a German-born artist based in London who is best known for her visual - conceptional, experimental work and foreign investment.

You Burn Me, Freud Museum (London, UK) 2020
Alma Tischlerwood: I wanna be me I wanna be (E)U, Arcade East (London, UK), 2019
• Alma Tischlerwood: Alice, commissioned public sculpture, Kearsney Abbey Gardens (Dover, UK), 2018
Wild New Territories, The Linnean Society, Royal Academy (London, UK), 2016
Alma Tischlerwood: Etre La, Being There, Chateau de Sacy (Sacy-le-petit –Picardy Frane), 2014