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Within the Smells of History in Covid-19
Josely Carvalho • Brazil/New York, USA  https://www.joselycarvalho.com/

WITHIN THE SMELLS OF HISTORY OF COVID-19 is an interactive extension (participatory blog) of the olfaction installation that was to have opened in April at the Garden of Cannons in the Museu Histórico Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. 

Josely Carvalho is a multidisciplinary artist and poet whose work embraces several media and seeks to highlight memory, identity and social justice while consistently challenging the frontiers between artist and public and art and politics.

Diário de Cheiros: Affectio, Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2019
Diário de Cheiros: Teto de Vidro, Museum of Contemporary Art MAC/USP (São Paulo, Brazil), 2018
Estilhaços/Shards – Latin American House – Universidade de Brasilia (Brasilia, Brazil), 2016
Diary of Smells: Shards, ArtlSci Gallery, Department of Nanotechnology, University of
California, UCLA (Los Angeles, USA), 2013
Diário de Cheiros: Passagens, exhibition within the exhibition “Arte e Acessibilidade:
Experimentações Artísticas Compartilhadas”/Art and Accessibility: Shared Artistic
Experience”s, SESC São Carlos (São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil), 2011