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The Land and Time where Horses Run Free
Shaarbek Amankul • Kyrgyzstan http://bishkekart.kg/gallery/book/

THE LAND AND TIME WHERE HORSES RUN FREE: Creative thinkers stay in a nomadic Kyrgyz yurt and travel to well-known, local, natural attractions to research this multi-ethnic country – in which the setting itself is an artistic muse­ with its amazing nature, rich history, spirituality, culture and biological diversity, encompassing traditional nomadic culture, shamanism, holy places, fauna and flora in a post- soviet setting.

Shaarbek Amankul is an artist who created the artistic research project Nomadic Camp to communicate with nature, heritage, culture, diversity and art, using traditional practices and a nomadic way of life as a source of inspiration for contemporary art practices on the shores of two alpine lakes, Issyk-Kul and Son- Kul, in the Tien Shan Mountains on the Great Silk Road.

Wald. Wolf. Wildnis, Museum Villa Rot (Burgrieden, Germany), 2020
Shamanism, Gallery 46 (London, UK), 2020
Planet Art of Nature, Kühlhaus-Berlin (Berlin, Germany), 2019
Water (Proof), Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia), 2019
Collection, Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), 2019