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Figurative Painting

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The Hidden
Amira Ali Barakat • Egypt https://ameerabarakate.wixsite.com/mysite

THE HIDDEN-exists in the deepest area of the self-contains instincts that can lead us to the strangest actions; to tame it we need to see and accept it.

Amira Ali Barakat is a visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt, interested in exploring the human self through the spontaneity of abstract expressionistic style.

The Annual Exhibition of Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts' Main Hall (Cairo, Egypt), 2011
El Nahda Jesuit project of beautifying El-Faggala, Jesuit Culture Center (Cairo, Egypt), 2011
Honoring the Pioneers of Fine Arts, Faculty of fine Arts (Cairo, Egypt), 2012
Murals for College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy, Ahram Canadian University in Egypt, (Giza, Egypt), 2013
The vanguard exhibition, Fans of Fine Arts Association, (Cairo, Egypt), 2014