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Figurative Painting

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Virginia Mallon • New York, USA  www.VirginiaMallon.com

NEVERMORE: Oil on discarded slate from a condemned psychiatric hospital, lists the dead as a symbol of the thousands who have perished seeking asylum.

Virginia Mallon is an artist living and working in New York.

Social Distancing Festival with Artists for Social Justice 2020, virtual (Toronto, Canada), 2020
#brokenwomenmendstronger, ARC Gallery (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 2019
Wake of the Dutchman, Alfred van Loen Gallery (Huntington, New York, USA), 2016
Arte Studio Ginestrelle, International Contemporary Art Exhibit (Citta Di Assisi, Italy), 2015
amulets spirits and everyday humans, National Association of Women Artists (New York City, USA), 2012