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Figurative Painting

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Self Portrait
Bogumil Gardolinski • Poland  bgardolinski.carbonmade.com

Of SELF PORTRAIT Bogumil Gardolinski writes, “There is always a challenge at observing objects in nature and they should captivate myself in the sense of introducing a new approach.”

Bogumil Gardolinski writes about her philosophy as an artist, “When everything seems to be well-known, there unexpected accident appears, a man become someone different and start from the beginning.”

• Bogumil Gardolinski, Generally Speaking, The “Okno na świat” Gallery, (Kutno, Poland), 2019
International Art Exhibition, La Logge Gallery (Assisi, Italy) 2018
Art Compulsion, The Polygone, (Montpellier, France), 2017
Apothecary's Notes, The Mark Rothko Art Center (Daugavplis, Latvia), 2014 
• Bogumil Gardolinski, Slight Retrospective, The Regional Museum (Kutno, Poland) 2013