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Figurative Painting

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Ex-Voto (The Last Day)
Michel Aksent • France

EX-VOTO (THE LAST DAY): The oeuvre suggests a desire to end the isolation caused by the pandemic and the social life that has become ghostly.

Michel Aksent is a sculptor.

Residency for a Creative Sculpture in Cement (Braine, Aisne, France), 2019
Exhibition of sculptures and drawings at Collegiate St. Yved in conjunction with the Festival of the Arts / Music / Literature / Painting / Sculpture (Braine, France), 2019
International Sculpture Exhibition (Fuzhou, China), 2018
2t. International Wood Sculpture (Libreville, Gabon), 2013
12th Changchun International Sculpture, High-tech Development Zone (Changchun, China), 2011