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Figurative Painting

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The Anatomy Lesson, The Female
Ria Vanden Eynde • Belgium riavandeneynde.tumblr.com

THE ANATOMY LESSON, THE FEMALE: Figurative oil painting on canvas, addressing how women’s bodies are approached in art and science.

Belgian painter Ria Vanden Eynde focuses on moral issues concerning health, science, law and agency in both the public and private lives of women.

The Shape of Content, Art from Afar, offthecost (online), 2020
VISTAS, Flugzeug Music-Art-Design (Leuven, Belgium), 2019
Changing World, The Cluster Gallery (Brooklyn, New York, USA), 2018
Book about Books, the Faneuil Branch Library – Boston Public Library (Brighton, Massachusetts, USA), 2019
Book About Death-The Last Waltz, The Islip Art Museum (East Islip, New York, USA), 2019