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Figurative Painting

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Drifting Past the River
Emet SosnaNew York, USA  www.emetsosna.com

DRIFTING PAST THE RIVER: This painting relates form, color, and shape with narrative, conjuring a dialogue with non-verbal material and a conscious vocabulary of ideas.

Emet Sosna received his MFA from Brooklyn College and has created public art and exhibited works for over fifteen years.

Transmission, Spinnerei Archiv Massiv (Leipzig, Germany), 2016
Bloom, United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (New York, NY), 2015
Belmont Mural, Belmont Raceway (Queens, New York, USA), 2013
Dirty Double Dozen, Freight and Volume (New York, NY), 2012
Man Box and Beyond, The Lab (San Francisco, California, USA), 2006