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Oracle for a City Indoors
Dana Moser • Massachusetts, USA https://curiousart.org

ORACLE FOR A CITY INDOORS is an interactive kinetic sculpture using custom software & sensors to position an infant head to track the nearest observer and comment.

Dana Moser is an educator, curator, film/video/installation artist, and currently, a professor in the Studio for Interrelated Media in Boston.

Networks & Computation in the Futures of Our Past, Galerie Weisser Elefant (Berlin, Germany), 2019
Group Show, AMP Gallery (Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA), 2018
We See Each Other All the Time (with Nita Sturiale), Boston Cyberarts Gallery (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2014
Selections,  Bakalar and Paine Galleries (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2013
DecodeRecode -Celebrating 100 years of Alan Turing,  MediaCity at University of Salford (Salford, UK), 2012