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Goodspeed Bro! 
Neda Nikolic • Austria  neda-nikolic.com

GOODSPEED BRO! is mechanical sculpture presenting the ending scene of the side-scrolling run-and-gun video game Broforce (Free Lives, 2014) and is a visual extension of my research on the subject of game space.

Neda Nikolic is a Serbian born artist who graduated in 2016 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and, currently, lives and works there.

Triggers, Aa collections (Vienna, Austria), 2019
Kindheitserinnerungen, Installation with Yogesh Kumar, Luftschloß Kobenzl (Vienna, Austria), 2018
Timelife story/a walktrough, University of Applied Arts (Vienna, Austria), 2016
Ludus Magnus, Aa collections (Vienna, Austria), 2015
Last call, WUK, Kunstzelle (Vienna, Austria), 2013