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Black Box
Mary Sherman • Massachusetts, USA www.marysherman.org
(Sound: Mathieu Corajod • Switzerland)

Black Box's title is meant to be a literal description of the piece – both its appearance and reference to the use of the term as an opaque system (as, for instance, most computational/electronic devices, which, of course, Black Box also is). Note: The sound in video is broadcast by Black Box; it is not an added sound track.

Mary Sherman's installations/mechanical performances are visual, aural and haptic; they exploit digital aims for analog results and subvert logical thinking to sensual effect – not unlike "this thing called life,” as Prince so aptly put it.

Black Box, Ars Libri, (Boston, Massachusetts, MA), 2020
Mary Sherman, APO-33 (Nantes, France), 2018
Dream Mechanics Oboro (Montreal, Canada), 2016
International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN)/Oboro (Montreal, Canada), 2016
Views on Mainz, Kunsthalle Mainz (Mainz, Germany), 2015