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Central Colour
Genke YuXiamen, China https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/CAAukfc2VyImMI_zKYSzyg

CENTRAL COLOUR to be precise, is an incomplete work of art – a portrayal of the artist's life in this particular period (new coronavirus) in which the artist had unlimited time to think about the meaning of life and wanted to say: “hello, world.”

Genke Yu is an artist who, in 2016, also established DREAMING SPACE (an art institution) in Xiamen, China.

Bottle of contradictions, The Fourth Chinese College Students' Art Works Exhibition (Tianjin, China), 2014
Dream, 2018 John Moores Painting Prize (Shanghai, China), 2018
Yu Genke: Empty in the Divide, Dreaming Space (Xiamen, China), 2018
Yu Genke: Until the Moss Grows, Dreaming Space (Xiamen, China), 2019