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Lockdown Performance
Ayshia TaskinScotland, UK  www.ayshia.co.uk

LOCKDOWN PERFORMANCE is a series of live-streamed performances made every day in association with [SHIFT:ibpcpa].

Ayshia Taskin is an intermedia artist and curator working with performance art, printmaking, sculpture and exhibition-making.

Lockdown Performances, Livestream Show [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Periscope, Virtual (Scotland, UK), 2020
Witchy: Feminist Exhibition, Ely Centre for Contemporary Art (New Haven, Connecticut, USA), 2020
TCAE, YEE (Yunus Emre Enstitüsü) (London, UK), 2020
3rd-Thursday, Arts, Letters & Numbers (New York, USA), 2019
Dynamics Of Touch, Ca' Zanardi (Venice, Italy), 2018