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Hide and Seek Game
Kwong Kwok Wai • Hong Kong  walterkwong.hk

In HIDE AND SEEK GAME artworks are hidden and displayed in such a way to reveal the unnoticed but imminent political changes in daily life.

Kwong Kwok Wai explores the nature of human existence and its relationship with history in his paintings, creating political fables in visual form.

•  Kwong Kwok Wai: Hide and Seek Art Game: Paintings and Installations, kubrick (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2020
Ongoing Conversation: Recall, Recollect, and Reconstruct, Kyoto International Community House (Kyoto, Japan), 2019-2020
Inward Outward, Nido Asia Art Gallery (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2019
Kwong Kwok Wai: Sketches of the Times, TC2 cafe & workshop (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2019
Kwong Kwok Wai: The Other End, Cattle Depot Artists Village (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2010