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Mask 2020
Yeonjeong • South Korea  www.yeonjeongkim.com

MASK 2020: In the time of Covid 19, MASK suggests the totalitarian mood of social policies in the name of national security, while also evoking the desire of freedom by inserting a sleeping human in the streets.

Focused on performance and video, Yeonjeong deals with installation, photography, sound, text and interdisciplinary media in experimental ways to make critical and humorous artistic interventions in the sphere of ordinary life.

Above the clouds international live art festival (Kunming, Nanchang, Chuxiong, Lijang, China), 2019 
Responding international performance festival and meeting (Osaka, Japan/Manila, Philippines), 2019
VivaExcon Biennale 2018 (Roxas City, Philippines), 2018 
Zero Platform International Performance Festival of Myanmar (Yangon, Myanmar), 2018
Bangkok Biennial (Bangkok, Thailand), 2018