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What the Water Showed Me
Alexandra Tatar• Austria  www.alexandratatar.at

WHAT THE WATER SHOWED ME is Experimental video on the interaction between air and liquid, the bonding and formations of chemical elements, in what is called a nucleation process.

Alexandra Tatar is a Romanian artist, currently a doctoral candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, writing on the topic of post-soviet subjectivities.

Invading Spaces, FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), 2019
Nothing Less! 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage, Austrian Association of Women Artists VBKÖ (Vienna, Austria), 2018
• Alexandra Tatar: Dysplacement, Atelier 4 (Cluj Napoca, Romania), 2017
• Alexandra Tatar: Otilia’s enigma, producing the eastern feminine mystique, performance in the frame of “Fucking Solidarity: queer concepts on/from a Post-Soviet Perspective” Conference, University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria), 2017
The stuff that stars are made of. Young Graduates from the School of Cluj, Galerie Mie Lefever (Gent, Belgium), 2011