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Ashmina Ranjit • Nepal  www.ashminaranjit.com.np

INVASION: The sense of 'space is political' whether you are in 'private/public’ or ‘physical / psychological', consent matters - otherwise it is invasion.

Politics of gender are a critical expression in Artivist Ashmina's art work that constantly interrogates, challenges and confronts cultural stereotypes.

Garden of Six Season, Parasite (Hong Kong) 2020
Green Island Human Rights Art Fest, Green Island White Terror Memorial Park (Green Island, Taiwan) 2020
Ovni, Museo de Jose Malhou (Caldas de Rainha, Portugal) 2019
52 artists 52 actions, Happening, Art Space (Sydney, Australia) 2019
The City, My Studio / The City, My Life, Kathmandu Triennale (Kathmandu, Nepal) 2017