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Beginning to Breathe Slowly
Sally Stokes • Australia  www.sallystokes.com.au

BEGINNING TO BREATHE SLOWLY: There are numinous moments where the colours, the tones, feelings, shadows and moving light seem to amplify. 

Sally Stokes exhibited nineteen abstract landscape paintings, inspired by her visit to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and other visits to the Outback.

Sally Stokes is a Sydney based abstract landscape artist who works from her studio amongst the angophoras in Dural and her boatshed studio in a remote part of the Hawkesbury river. 

Landline, Rochfort Gallery (Sydney, Australia), 2020
In my backyard, Rochfort Gallery (Sydney, Australia), 2020
Random Space, Project Gallery 90 (Sydney, Australia), 2020
Paddington Art Prize Finalist (Sydney, Australia), 2020
Gosford Art Prize Finalist (Sydney, Australia), 2020