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Martinezperal Mountains Whispering
Santiago Martínez Peral • Spain  www.santiagomartinezperal.com

MARTINEZPERAL MOUNTAINS WHISPERING: This painting was made in Iceland in 2019 and its main subject is nature, natural giants with human appearance involved in a mysterious whispering.

Santiago Martínez Peral is a painter born in Madrid (Spain) in 1974.
Transforming, Martin´s atelier (Brussels, Belgium), 2020
25 years of the southeast collection, Centro cultural Isabel de Farnesio (Aranjuez, Spain), 2019
Art apart, Espacio Belles Artes (Cáceres, Spain), 2019
Heads and castaways, Begoña Malone Gallery (Madrid, Spain), 2012
Towards the island, Begoña Malone Gallery (Madrid, Spain), 2007