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The Cave of Kosmogenia
Tito Bobbio • Peru  www.titobobbiovelarde.com

THE CAVE OF KOSMOGENIA: It is a cosmic image inspired by the myth of "Plato's Cave" analogous to our humanity, its degree of evolution and perception of reality as it is known.

Tito Bobbio works in graphic design, illustration and photography with an interest in the metaphysical and symbolic.

BIA Amazonian Art Biennial, Yankon Metsashoko (Pucallpa, Peru), 2019
Exhibition and Discussion of the residence Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia, ICPNA (Pucallpa, Peru), 2019
Thirty Peruvian Painters, Latino Art Museum (California, USA), 2017
New Visions, Juan Parra del Riego Cultural Center (Lima, Peru), 2017
Optics, Surface, Margin, Fundación Euroidiomas (Lima, Peru), 2016