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Rhythm of Earthly Delights
Iwalani Kaluhiokalani • USA  www.iwalanikaluhiokalani.com

RHYTHM OF EARTLY DELIGHTS: A collective multitude of abstracted masked figures pay homage to the beauty of dance and figuration while melding into landscape, suggesting emotional chaos, movement in space, zones of inter-determinacy and disrupted constructions of painting traditions.

Iwalani Kaluhiokalani is a painter whose work portrays the absence or presence of the body through the use of repetition, gesture, spatial pathways and references to time.

Iwalani Kaluhiokalani: MAGIC, Galatea Fine Art (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2020
Modern Love, Assemblage Gallery (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2020
WET!, Bromfield Gallery (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2019
Bodies In Motion, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2017
ReSearch, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2015