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Orange and Pink
Kim Alemian • Massachusetts, USA  http://www.kcalemian.com

ORANGE AND PINK: Oil on canvas, painting from observation about light and shape.

Kim Alemian is an oil painter whose focus is twofold, light and shape—interiors, and collecting data of her Ocean Swimming—embedding it in paintings. 

Coding/Sign, Symbol, Significaiton, North Hill Gallery (Needham, Massachusetts, USA), 2020
Light, Cove Gallery, (Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA), 2019 and 2020
Harmonies in Light and Shape, New England College (Henniker, New Hampshire, USA) 2018
Art of the Figure, Gardner Colby Gallery (Naples, Florida, USA) 2018
EVEnt, Sideshow Gallery (Brooklyn, New York, USA) 2017
The Americans Are Coming: EVEnt, Galerie bij de Boeken, (Ulft, Netherlands) 2015