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Cycas Revoluta Viridi
Leslie Koptcho • Louisiana / USA  lesliekoptcho.com

CYCAS REVOLUTA VIRIDI is a softground etching, aquatint and monotype on paper.

Leslie Koptcho is a Professor at Louisiana State University; he holds a BFA from the Tyler School of Art and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

The Printed Image 7, Alice Sabatini Art Gallery (Topeka, Kansas, USA), 2018
Americas 2018 All Media, Walter Piehl Art Gallery (Minot, South Dakota, USA), 2018
PATHWAYS: An Exhibition of Large Format & Experimental Printmaking, Baum Gallery (Conway, Arkansas, USA), 2018
• Leslie Koptcho: Graphic Work, Escola Superior di Disseny I Art, Llotja (Barcelona, Spain), 2016
A Gift of Artist Books from the Davidi and Reva Logan Collection, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (San Francisco, California, USA), 2016