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Land, City, Sea, Imaginary Scapes

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Spring Comes
Mitchell Seeyu • Hong Kong  seeyu.art

SPRING COMES: The artist writes, “Drawing out the tranquility of Hong Kong’s coastline, I attempt to transform the city's secular life into an undisturbed spiritual heaven.”

Mitchell Seeyu uses the lines of Chinese painting and the rhythm of ink to convey the spirit of nature.

· Along the Bridges, City Hall (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2016
· The Dreams of Lake Ad Excellentiam, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2017
· Pandaland - Seeyu Ink Expressions, Aberdeen Centre (Vancouver, Canada) 2018
· Painting Symphony - Seeyu Solo, Asia Theatre (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2019
· Silent Poetry, Kingsbrae International Artist Residency (St. Andrews, Canada) 2019