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Site-Specific, Exterior Installations

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Skeleton Leaf of Change
Weaverbirds Collective / Kiara Watermeyer • Germany  www.weaverbirdscollective.com

SKELETON LEAF OF CHANGE is a land artwork with eco design in being structurally hand woven out of wattle, an invasive species to South Africa. 

Weaverbirds Collective is an art group founded in 2018, with collaborating artists that create land art installations, sculptures and festival decor.

The Dream Tree, Traumzauber, Der Wintermarkt (Hannover, Germany) 2019
Skeleton Leaf of Change, Afrikaburn, Ephemeropolis (Tankwa Karoo, South Africa) 2019
The Onion of Khoinarnia, Wild Spirit, Afrika Grow (Natures Valley, South Africa) 2019
Skeleton Leaf of Change, Tankwa Artscape Residency (Tankwa Karoo, South Africa) 2018
Skeleton Leaf of Change, Afrikaburn, Working Title (Tankwa Karoo, South Africa) 2018